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Chicago leadership coach
Becky A. Thomas
Executive Coach

My coaching philosophy: The answers to what can make your life easier are within each and every one of you, it’s my job just to help you find them. 

  • Want a coach with a business background who can understand and navigate through the complexities of a stressful work environment?
  • How about someone with international experience that can work her way through sensitive situations?
  • What if there was a coach that can take the many layers of work and life and all the things that are coming at you from a million directions that are stressing you out, and bring out your best potential in just a few short months?
Hey-o! Look no further! 
How do I help clients get unstuck and achieve their goals?
  • I stand with my clients to achieve the goals that are important to them.  
  • leverage creativity, intuition and critical thinking to drive long term results.  
  • I am strong in pattern recognition, which is the ability to see order in a chaotic environment.
It's about taking the complexity of life and boiling it down into simple next steps to work towards your goals.  I want the best for my clients, so I'll always put your agenda first and help you with accountability.
A bit more about me and my coaching style:
I'm back in the USA after living in Rome, Italy for 3 and a half years and have worked for fortune 500 companies in Chicago for more than 15 years. And it's important to know that I'll bring a lot of compassion and a positive spirit to our coaching conversations. I'm the type of coach that will help you realize your potential in whatever way is meaningful to you.  And to be honest, I coach because I'm selfish, it makes me feel good when I see others realize they are capable of achieving their goals! 
I have a "Type A" personality. People always tell me that, and it's true:
  • Competitive - Check.  I run, ski, play tennis, volleyball, golf, karate, boxing, soccer, flag football, softball. I always want to learn and get better. Winning is fun! And don't forget, "The importance of winning is not what we get from it, but what we become because of it."
  • Ambitious - Check.  I fight for promotions when I think they're deserved.  I own my career path, I set goals and I achieve them. I commit to what I say I'm going to deliver and I get stuff done.  
  • Antsy - Check.  I tend to want immediate results.  At a new job, I want to ramp up as quickly as possible. I like to get projects rollin' and my work ethic is to deliver against timelines without fail. 
  • Fast talking: Depends on who you talk to. My parents have to listen to my voicemails three times before they understand what I'm saying.  I do slow it down when I'm speaking to a non-native english speaker, because I know how much that helped me when I lived in Italy for three and a half years. If I talk fast, it's because I have a passion for what I do. I give clients a boost of energy on those tough days and suddenly there's an "Ah-ha!" that changes everything around. 
How do these traits help you?  There are a few ways:  
1. Do you struggle because there are work issues you'd like to tackle? Are you serious about making changes and ready to take action? If so, I'm here for you! You know when there's that one thing that's bugging you either personally or professionally and if that could just change, life would be that much better? It can happen.  Coaching is quick, you'll see changes fast. 
2. If your work is out of alignment with your life's goals, and something is just missing, I want to get you on the right track. I built my career by developing a skillset plan early on to get the job I always wanted and I succeeded.  Living abroad for over 3 years also gave me a new perspective on what really makes life fulfilling. You have a unique contribution to the world, let's make it happen and help you find a career you enjoy.  
3.  Do you have a list of things you know you want to get or goals you want to achieve, but for some reason simply haven't found the time to get to them yet?  We can structure the coaching with as little or as much homework as you'd like. I won't judge if you don't get it done either. It's about taking you from where you are today, to where you'd ideally like to be. It's all about figuring out what part of life is out of alignment and moving towards your ideal outcome. 
With over 15 years experience in the corporate world and more than 3 years working internationally overseas as an expat, I understand that work affects life, and life affects work. The happier we are, the more productive we are in all aspects of life. Now giddy up! Let's do this!

The technical aspects: 

  • 15+ years of business/organization knowledge

  • Nearly 4 years international experience

  • Leverage Co-Active Coaching Model for optimal results 

  • Values: sensitivity to trust, ethics, and cultural differences

  • Strong interpersonal skills: listening, compassion, challenging, straightforwardness, authenticity, building rapport, warmth, humor

  • Assessment skills and instrument knowledge applicable to the client's situation

  • Personal maturity and stability

  • Flexibility and ability to work effectively with a broad range of executives

  • MBA, DePaul University

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Iowa - Degree in Marketing, Minor Communications

  • Small business owner

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