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  • Do you have potential at work that is not being optimized by the organization?

  • Are Monday's nearly impossible because you're burnt out and don't know what to change to make your career enjoyable again?

  • Do you have trouble following through on personal and professional projects?

  • Are there people or situations at work that you wish you could handle in a more productive way?

  • Are you moving up in the organization and want to be the best leader you can?  

  • Would you like to rejoin the workforce, but have been unsuccessful in securing a position and want to know if you are looking in the right places?

  • Are you passionate about being a career climber but want to be a successful parent at the same time?


Career coaching helps make the work week more enjoyable again! By understanding what your values are and how they do or don't align with your organization, we'll get clarity on where your career can go.


Other topics that come into play that can affect work as well: 

  • Friends and family

  • Health and fitness

  • Money

  • Love/romance

  • Managing life in a new city or country

  • Fun and recreation


Take the next step in self discovery and figure out who you are and what makes you unique to your organization. And then let's celebrate all the greatness within you and take that to the next level.

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