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Initial Call: 


  • We'll talk about what coaching is and is not. 

  • We'll do a quick activity to investigate what's keeping you stuck and what can move you forward.

  • I’ll tell you about how to get more involved in coaching if it's the right fit for you. 

  • If it's a good fit, we'll move on to scheudling the discovery sesion and map out the best coaching package to meet your goals.



Discovery Session: Understand strengths, skills, values: A two-hour session (with breaks)
  • Deep dive into your values
    • Q: What's so important about values? You ask?
    • A: You can not lead without a stronghold on what you stand for. You can not effectively lead at your job, or honestly life, if you are not living in alignment with your values. Through discovery, you'll get clarity on what you will stand for, and what you won't. Connecting to values are what strong organizations do and how strong people lead their lives.
    • Benefits: This portion helps clients get clairty on anything from ideal careers to goal settting to ideal personal relationships. 
  • Understand your personal brand (also known as life purpose)
    • Through a series of exercises we will uncover all the value you bring to the world. In this portion you will get clarity on what makes you unique and what differentiates you. 
    • Benefits: Confidence building and goal attainment.  Clients understand what makes them relevant and how they can make a difference. 
  • Leading from within
    • Here you will understand how to tap into your strengths in difficult times, how to silence that "chatterbox" - the voice in our heads that carries those unhelpful limiting beliefs. You'll be able to tap into and get clarity on who you want to be and what you want to do. 
    • Benefits: You will start to lead in a way where decisions are easier to make because you're solid on your values and what makes you unique. Goals are easier to reach because choices become easier as you start to diminish the levels of anxiety and fear.

Coaching Process


The only way for people to reach their dreams is to take action.  We have this amazing internal compass and wisdom within us, and one of the things we can do to help ourselves is to really listen.  When thinking about making a change, ask yourself do I want this?  


The thing that holds most people back is that they can't make decisions.  One thing you'll walk away with from coaching is the ability able to make confident decisions that make sense for you and your goals. 


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