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-L.S., USA, Currently living in London, England

January, 2015


"I felt stuck at work, wanting to do more, but experience road blocks from certain people and departments in my organization. I was at the point of "up or out" but really love the company I work for.  By working with Becky I was able to shift my perspective and found a stronger voice and action plan to make things happen for myself instead of letting red tape and politics get in the way.  I now feel like I can play a role in my own career path and move forward in the direction that brings inspiration to both me and my job. Becky is a great executive coach that listens without judgement and helped me get more clarity on my goals and how to achieve them.  I highly recommend Becky for any executive, career or life coaching needs!!"





-H.A., Spain, Currently living in Chicago, IL USA

December, 2014


"I recently moved to Chicago and being an expat in a large, foreign city with scary winters can feel intimidating. Becky helped me figure out a strategy to continue with my creative work in this new environment, suggesting resources and encouraging me to forge links with the arts community here. She brought clarity and lateral-thinking to our conversations: every one of them felt like a boost of energy! What I liked the best is that she listens very attentively and the questions she asks make you look at things with fresh eyes. After I had a couple of "Aha!" moments in the first session, I knew that this was working out for me. Since then her coaching has been tremendously helpful. I cannot recommend her more--she is friendly, perceptive and very motivating!"












-S.T., England, Currently living in Rome, Italy

November, 2014


"I used Becky’s coaching service to help me gather my thoughts regarding a family problem. It was really useful to speak to someone who was able to help me look at the matter from other points of view and then together we came up with strategic steps for me to take to tackle the issue.  Becky is very personable and also knowledgeable in her profession, I would recommend her services to help you achieve any objectives you may have whether they are personal or work related."   


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