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  • Becky A. Thomas, Coach, Be Greater Consulting

70% of Employees Are Not Engaged, But There's an Opportunity!

Gallup Study shows nearly 70% of employees are not engaged at work. Seems like a pretty high number huh?

A 2013 survey of more than 12,000 workers worldwide found that many lacked a fulfilling workplace and detailed the reasons below:

employees not engaged.jpg

If I was a senior level manager I'd see an opportunity here. What are the goals for your organization? What are your team goals? Is it monetary? How will you reach those goals with a workforce that's not engaged?

What creates engagement you ask? First question - how well do your current employees align with the corporate values? How well do they align with the team values?

Understanding values and getting employees aligned with their values is a domino effect to happier employees, better engagement and more productivity. In one shot, this covers the 3rd-7th on the chart above. Our values are like a battery - the more we are connected to them, the more energy and productivity we have to get sh*t done! Woot! Isn't it time for a really energized workforce?

What about the first and second you ask? Well, that's where developing an internal coaching culture comes in. By working through a program like the Leadership Circle or just one-on-one coaching in general, employees find the time to slow it down. Why does that matter you ask? When we slow ourselves down, we give ourselves more access to internal resources like creative strategies and ideas that can propel ourselves and companies forward. The best ideas happen in the shower right?! It's sort of like that level of idea generation, but on steroids.

Discovering employees values, aligning them to the corporate and team values, and finding regular time to focus on creative strategies takes resources. Given that, I recommend anyone that's curious on how to seize the opportunity to ask about my Inspire Within Campaign to get alignment amongst the next generation of leaders and build a strong workforce within. Goooo team!!

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